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Visit Vietnam



Vietnam is situated in the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. And there are a lot of beautiful and wonderful destinations in Vietnam. Vietnam is also one of the fatest growing economic countries in the world and attracts a vast of tourists around the world coming here round year.


When To Go

When visiting a country, the most suitable time is always a big question for all visitors around the world when preparing for a new departure. In Vietnam, tourists can go to Vietnam round year because the weather of Vienam is tropical and there are for seasons in Vietnam. In particular, the weather in Vietnam is changeable from the North to the South. In the North, tourists can join 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, and in the south there are two seasons: dry and rainy season. Even, visitors can join 4 seasons a day in Da Lat or Tam Dao in Vietnam; these are wonderful and beautiful destinations in Vietnam. Coming to Vietnam, July and August are rainy season and the weather is little cool. Tourists can visit Vietnam from January to December and go to any places from the North to the South of Vietnam.

To Tour or Not to Tour

There are a lot of problems to visitors who really want to come to Vietnam but they don’t have any experience and they have to find one trustworthy agent to book all services they need as airlines, hotels and tours, and so on. They need to find for them a credible travel agent to save money and time and they can avoid costly mistakes as well as wasted time and money.

Package tour is convient and saves money for tourists because they can be arranged accomodations, round trip transportation as well as all services involed in excursion.

Joining these tours, visitors can take part in a lot of wonderful tours with local guide who are trained carefully from the government tour guide school and they have knowledge as well as understand about this place.

Passports and Visas

All foreigners coming to Vietnam are required a valid passport and a visa, and Vietnamese Embassy will issue visa for all visitors who want to come to Vietnam. .


Dong is Vietnam’s currency and you can change money from US or other kinds of currencies. One noticeable thing is that visitors can use Dollars and Dong when go shopping or go to hotels, restaurants or other big cities in Vietnam such as Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong and some other cities.

In particular, every body can exchange money from their country’s currency to Vietnam Dong or United States Dollars at banks throughout Vietnam. And in Vietnam, cash is used popularly and it is also exchanged at hotels and shops, banks or jewelry stores.

Travel Within Vietnam

Travelling to Vietnam is easy with a variety in means of transportation such as bus, train, car, as well as plane and others kind of transport. Bicycles, motor scooters and motorcycles remain the most popular forms of road transport in Vietnam's cities, towns, and villages although the number of privately owned automobiles is also on the rise, especially in the larger cities. And flight from North to the South is more comfortable and saves time for tourists with the suitable price. Tourists can fly with Vietnam Airlines and Jestar or Pacific Air serveing every major city in Vietnam.

What To Take With You

Vietnam has tropical climate and there are four seasons in the North of Vietnam, and there are two seasons including dry and rainy season. If you travel from the North to the South of Vietnam, you should take care of dress. In the North, winter (from November to April) is rather cool and it is necessary to take a coat, sweater. And in the south of Vietnam, light weight cotton and wool fabric will be suitable and comfortable at any seasons of the year.

It depends on the purpose of your trip, if you travel on bussiness, jackets and ties should be taken and are also appropiate.

This is some things you should remember when travelling to Vietnam:

Photocopies of your passport and visa

Cash in US

Zip lock bags

Bussiness cards

Photos film

Umbrella (rainy season or summer season)

And some other personal things

What to Leave At Home

Tourists before coming to Vietnam need to know about the things which are allowed or not. Explosives, firearms, sedutious, illegal drugs, proganda are forbidden to bring to Vietnam. And some other books, newspapers, video tapes, audio tapes with bad content especially books and magazines with nudity.


Traveling Safely

Vietnam is a peaceful country in the Southeast Asia and violent crime is really not serious problems in Vietnam. However, pickpockets, theives also exist in Vietnam as same as other countries in the world that are always fascinated by the wonderful things foreigners bring with them. And visitors should notice of their personal property such as camera, watch, a pair of eyeglasses, and some other kinds of valuable things. With a little common sense tourists can avoid creating temptations that turn nice people into thieves and spoil your wonderful visit to Vietnam.

Other tips: