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The wonderful beauty of Trang An-Bai Dinh


Ninh Binh, about 95 kilometers from Hanoi, is well-known for the ancient capital-Hoa Lu, Phat Diem cathedral, and Tam Coc-Bich Dong, etc...

Nowadays, Ninh Binh is becoming more well-known for Trang An-Bai Dinh tourist sites, two separate tourism complexes, but not far from each other. Visiting Trang An-Bai Dinh, tourists are impressed by its majestic and magnificent beauty, which is made by both nature and the art of man.
Built next to Bai Dinh old pagoda, Bai Dinh complex is located in a 700 acre wide campus. Not only does it have the largest architecture in Vietnam but it also has the magnitude and grand Buddha statues.
In spite of not being accomplished, the pagoda has achieved many considerable records. For instance,  Dai Hong Chung big bell, the largest in Vietnam, is 3.5 meters wide, 5.5 meters long, and 36 tons high. The Buddha Sakyamuni statue is up to 100 tons weigh. Tam The shrine, 3000 square meters wide, has three splendid huge gold statues. In addition, visitors are also attracted by a set of statues named Kim Cang including 8 copper statues of generals. Besides, there are the largest pair of bronze cranes in Vietnam, the corridor of 500 Arhat monolithic statues, the giant Phap Chu shrine with the Buddha Sakyamuni bronze statue weighing 100 tons, one of the records in Vietnam.
Although the architecture of the pagoda has not been accomplished until 2015, ten thousands of the Buddhists and tourists have been coming to worship in the old pagoda and see the new great pagoda nearby.
Not far from Bai Dinh pagoda is Trang An eco-spectacular cave. Having the area of 1500 acres with many huge water caves, it is considered as Ha Long Bay of Ninh Binh.
In 2011, the area of these caves was discovered systematically by the scientists and local residents. Tourists can visit Trang An caves (including 50 dry caves and 50 water caves) by boat or on foot. However, to enjoy the whole beauty of Trang An, visitors should use small and charming boat, which actually fits with the sight here as a wonderful romantic picture.

These caves are linked to each other by about 30 valleys, each of which is like a beautiful picture. Of all, Den Tran is the largest valley with 24.600 square kilometers. These valleys seem to get together to make a vivid and lively painting.
The sparkling stalactites, placed along the sides of the caves naturally, not only make a lively and attractive sight but also open a world of mysterious historical stories such as Si cave, Ao Trai cave, Nau Ruou cave, Dia Linh cave, May valley, Khong valley...
Apart from enjoying the beauty of nature during the trip, tourists also have chances to play a visit to historical relics from Dinh, Le, and Ly dynasty such as Lang valley (the second house of Dinh King), Tran temple where Hung Dao general is worshiped, Khong house (7 generals of Dinh Dynasty), Long An cave, Ban Long pagoda...Especially, in the mountains exist a variety of rare animals such as the phoenix, monkeys, pythons, especially apes white coveralls - one of the endangered species in the red list.
Coming to Trang An, tourists is likely to reach the holy land with wonderful scenery. Why don't you try to come there to burn an incense or ring a bell to pray for luck and happiness, and enjoy the pure beauty of this place

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