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Interesting experience in the countryside Vinh Bao

Countryside tour is considered as a great feature of Hai Phong tourism. Visitors are extremely impressed by the culture as well as the traditional fondness for learning of the land named Vinh Bao. It is the place which preserves the ancient houses, traditional villages, the temples with typical Vietnamese architecture...
  Trang Trinh, Nguyen Binh Khiem the historical place of interest is a national cultural heritage. The people who visit Vinh Bao always wish to visit and learn about a great man of our nation. Therefore, not only the local residents but many people from all over the country also bring their children to this place with desires of success in study. Also, they want their children to master the traditional fondness for learning and train their personality like Trang Trinh.
Vinh Bao always keeps inside the peaceful beauty as a typical and unique feature of Vietnamese countryside. Playing visits to Bao Ha village - Dong Minh, tourists can have an interesting experience at the land of statue and sculpture, which is famous all over the country. In deed, they have chances to observe the local craftsmen making lively and unique sculpture works. Bao Ha is also the first place to make puppet statue and develop the art of water and dry puppetry.
On leaving Bao Ha for Vinh Phong, visitors can hear the ring of An Lac pagoda from a long distance. The pagoda, built 500 years ago, has hundreds of old and valued statues. An Lac pagoda also used to be historical place of the revolution, the revenue of the Party's members in the war.

Staying here, the visitors are also told about the Great man named Thich Man Thien, the head of An Lac pagoda. His hometown is Dong Thap; however, when coming here and seeing the collapsed pagoda, he accompanied with the local residents to rebuild it. Considerably, he traveled to many places in the country to appeal the sponsor in order to build the orphanage for many children.

Visiting Nhan Muc temple - Nhan Hoa commune, the visitors are surprised by the integrity, the incredible splendor of the worship shelves, the Buddhist’s chair, sculptured pictures, big door in the front hall building. It is so great to see on their own eyes some rare artifacts, such as the palanquin of Le dynasty, the pottery in17th century, wooden table in 19th century, the statues of phoenix, turtle, horse, lights with copper tops ... Especially; it also preserves 31 ordained dynasties since Le Than Tong reign. On the stone in front of the main door is the letters "15th Chinh Hoa year" - 1694.
 The itinerary of countryside tour in Vinh Bao: visit Trang Trinh - Nguyen Binh Khiem the historical place of interest, the village of statue Dong Minh- Bao Ha temple, visit the family of statue craftsmen, watch the puppet show, enjoy some special food of the North areas of the country, visit Nhan Muc temple - Nhan Hoa commune, enjoy the art of puppetry showing and four celestial emblem showing.
While experiencing with the countryside Vinh Bao, the tourists also have chances to discover the historical value of Thai Binh pagoda (Tran Duong). It is said that the pagoda was built in Mac dynasty by Trang Trinh - Nguyen Binh Khiem. On approaching Cuu dien temple, tourists will feel like being in a imperial palace where they can see an antiques' gallery:  bronze, ceramics, wood, paper...At the temple is the largest fake mountain in Hai Phong, which has old trees, streams, meditation chair...

But perhaps, during the excursion, the most interesting is that visitors can enjoy special food culture in the countryside. In deed, meals including tomato soup crab cannon or just guava, potato, cassava actually simple but interesting. Many tourists are interested in planting rice or learning about local tobacco - the famous product in the whole country. It is likely that all of their burdens are also relieved.

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