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Travelling to Nha Trang - Vietnam


Nha Trang is a coastal city and a political, economic, cultural and travel central of Khanh Hoa. Nha Trang is well known for a city of festivals such as the Beach Festival, the Miss Universe 2008, the Miss World 2010….It is the beautiful beaches of this city which attract lots of visitors.

Nha Trang has moderate climate, its transports such as waterway, road, airway, and railway are very convenient. Especially, it has the biggest railway station of the North – South railway of Vietnam where all trains stop. Beside Thong Nhat trains, there are SN1-2, SN3-4 trains. Recently, there have been first 5 star trains which run Sai Gon- Nha Trang route.

Favorable conditions on position, landscapes, and climate together with long- standing history and humanity have made Nha Trang have potentials to develop various forms of tourism.
Where to go in nha trang:
There is a group of islets lying together in the South East of Nha Trang, the biggest one is Hon Tre which covers more than 25 square kilometers. It takes 2 hours by boat and 20 minutes by powerboat. Hon Tre is the biggest islet in Nha Trang Bay which is 5km away from Nha Trang city to the east, and 3, 5km away from Cau Da port. Seeing from Hon Tre, there are some other small islets forming clean, gentle and beautiful beaches. The visitors would be more surprised by the longest suspension cable across the sea in South East Asia, crossing the Hon Tre islet, connecting Vinpearl resort to Cau Da port.

Suspension cable connecting Vinpearl resort to Cau Da port.

In the west of Nha Trang are interminable mountains of which mount is about 1000m and have lots of kinds of animal. Visitors can join interesting hunting in here.

Another famous place is Nha Phu lagoon. It is one of the 2 biggest lagoons in Khanh Hoa. Nha Phu lagoon is on the foot of Hon Heo hill, 15km away from Nha Trang city. The lagoon is about 10km in length and 1500 ha in width. Many ideal resorts which were built here such as : Hòn Lao, Hòn Th?, Su?i Hoa Lan and Ninh Van resort with wooden houses beside the river, make deep impression on the visitors.
Nha Phu Lagoon
Hon Mieu is the nearest islet in Nha Trang. It takes only 20 minutes by powerboat to get there. On the islet, 2 destinations for visiting are Tri Nguyen aquarium and Bai Soi beach. Tri Nguyen aquarium is a collection of sea fishes, sea plants and creatures based on open model. Bai Soi beach is several hundred meters away from Tri Nguyen aquarium by crossing the islet. It is called “Bai Soi” because it only has round and smooth pebbles running from the seashore to off-shore. Its water is so pure that we can see its depth. Bai Soi still maintains its own beauty with ocean in the front and primeval forest with many old trees and interlaced vines behind.


 Tri Nguyen aquarium  
Hon Chong is also famous beauty spot in Nha Trang. It belongs to Hon Chong group including 2 clusters of big rock on the foot of Lansan hill. This is a rock area where rocks are stacked naturally. Besides, there is Hon Vo nearby and club-house of Nha Trang Bay which has “nha ruong” of Hue model on the top.

Hon chong beauty spot

Cau Da villa – Bao Dai house which is 6km away from city central, is a historical and cultural site, a cluster of famous villas and hotels in Nha Trang city. This is also a fine architectural building, combining harmoniously between French architecture styles with the eastern garden art. This is the place where Bao Dai King and Nam Phuong Queen rested. Cau Da villa was built on 3 hills of Chut mountain (Canh Long mountain) nearby the sea. Visiting this place, visitors can not only enjoy the fresh air, but also see the beauty of coastal city of Nha Trang.

Road to Bao Dai House.

Nha Trang is well-known for Ba tower as much as Quang Nam, Ninh Thuan with Cham tower. Most visitors visiting Nha Trang also visit Ba tower. This is historic site existing for over 100 years of Cham people. 4 semi towers were destroyed by war and have been rebuilt many times.

 Ba tower.

In the main tower, visitors can see 22,48m tower on which the Ponagar goddess statue made by rock is placed. In the past, it was made by gold but it was stolen. The statue is 260cm in height and has 10 hands on a square Yoni 150cm each side. Coming here, the visitors usually worship and pray for their family luckiness and talent. Also, visitors have chance to join annually special festivals such as changing shirt and bathing for statue festival.
Go further about 45km, visitors will reach Yangbay waterfall which is deep inside the fertile primeval forest and the mountain ranges 100m above the sea level. Coming here, you will enjoy the fresh air and mighty beauty of the mountainous area and waterfall. After that, visiting artificial waterfall Yangkhang (Yangbay 1), visitors can wallow in pure and cool water.

Yangbay waterfall.

Leaving Yangbay waterfall, coming to Khi island which has several thousands of monkeys. The seabed here is very beautiful too. Deep inside the sea is sea palace with a wide range of actinia swaying, flocks of fish swimming around coral ranges. People who love dangerous adventures can climb sheer cliff or discover deep caves. Visitors also can stand on the highest point of Hon Chong to see the overview of ocean and blue sky. Looking farther is Hon Yen, Cau Da port and tree ranges.

Long Son pagoda or Phat Trang pagoda which is situated on the foot of Trai Thuy mountain in Nha Trang, was built over 100 years ago and now becomes one of the most popular pagodas in Khanh Hoa. This pagoda is 44.5m in width, and 72m in length. Next to the pagoda are lecture hall of Khanh Hoa intermediate buddhology school and head office of Khanh Hoa Buddhism church. Central chamber covers an area of 1.670 square meters where the Great Buddha statue made by bronze is preaching. This statue is 1.6 high and weighs 700kg. Long Son pagoda owns Kim Than Buddha statue (White Buddha statue) which is on the Vietnam’s Guiness book with title: “pagoda owns the biggest outdoor Buddha statue in Vietnam”. The statue is 21 m high; its lotus shaped basement is 7m high. The portraits of 7 superior Buddhist monks, venerable who burn themselves to oppose suppression policy of Diem authority to Buddhism.
Kim Than Buddha statue in Long Son pagoda.
Cuisine of Nha Trang:
Visiting Nha Trang, beside sightseeing and playing, visitors have chance to taste typical food of Nha Trang. For example, rice spaghetti in Nha Trang is specially different from one of other localities. The sweet of fish here is mixed with rice powder to make the unforgettable flavor for visitors.
Nha Trang rice spaghetti

Other tips: