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Travelling to Danang - Vietnam

Overview Danang

Da Nang, which  is the city directly managed by the Central Government – an economic, cultural, educational, science and technology center of the Central- the Central Highlands of Vietnam, is located in South Central Coast of Vietnam.
Da Nang city is one in four municipalities of category 1 in Vietnam. Dà N?ng city has its borders  with Thua Thien - Hue province in the north, Quang Nam province in the southwest, and East Sea in the east
Da Nang City center  is about 759km from Hanoi Capital to the north, 960km from Ho Chi Minh City to the south and 108 km from Hue citadel to the west .
From the idea that Da Nang city is an old port, standing adjacent to the mountains, rivers, and fields, in a harmonious and interesting natural landscape, located in the middle of the whole country, painter Nguyen Thuy Lien designed the logo of Da Nang with the theme "Green mountains, blue rivers, blue sea. White Wind, white sky, white sand" with symbols to describe the spectacular Marble Mountain with the legend of  turtle eggs, reflected on the river, the fields in Hoa Vang, the undulating waves reminiscent of the blue beaches, the glittering sand of Thanh Khe, Lien Chieu, and the bridge connecting Hai Chau and Son Tra in the diverse and united Da Nang city.

The simple icon with few colours, the images of  harmonious combination between nature and human, between ethnicity and modernity, but prominent, easily recognized in Da Nang city, easily expressed in various materials. When talking about Da Nang, tourists can imagine that it is a beautiful city on the Han River, on the East Coast with the attractive features that have  unprecedented in others places in Vietnam.
With the preferential nature, Da Nang is located between the three world cultural heritages: Hue, Hoi An and My Son Sanctuary, this position highlights the role of Da Nang city in the area , it is where the reception, service and  transiting passengers was done. Da Nang city not only is the focus of the 3 world cultural heritages but also has many beautiful scenic spots which are so hard to forget after visiting this city.

When should we go - Danang ?

Da Nang at night

Danang is located in the typical tropical monsoon climate with high temperature and little changes. Danang's climate is an intertwined transition between climate in the North and the South, with the dominant climate is the typical tropical climate in the South. There are two separate season in a year: the rainy season lasts from August to December and the dry season from January to July, there are occasionally cold spells but they are not strong and don’t last for a long time.


Da Nang’s weather is not too hot, the average temperature is about 28-30°C in June, July & August. Winter months such as December, January, or February is more suitable for tourists because the average temperature at that time is only about 18-23°C. Except for Ba Na mountain in 1.500m high, the average temperature is about 20°C which can be called the New Tourist Paradise of Vietnam.

Da Nang City is located on  Han river; the East reaches out to the East Sea with long beaches and wild Son Tra peninsula; the North  and the  West was surrounded by high mountains. Hai Van pass, which is steep and rugged, is the natural border between the city and Th?a Thiên-Hu? province.

Apart from the preferential nature of Da Nang, the city is also surrounded by 3 world cultural heritages:   Hu?, H?i An, M? Son. Further is Phong Nha - K? Bàng national park- the world natural heritage. Therefore, Da Nang is considered  as the significant transition in the heritage road in the Central Vietnam.  

  Marble mountain (also known as Non Nu?c)

Marble mountain , which is located 5 km southeast of downtown, consists of 6 mountains: Kim Son, M?c Son, Th?y Son, Duong H?a Son, Âm Ho? Son and Th? Son which represent 5 elements of the universal (5 elements). The mountain has a lot of beautiful caves and pagodas. Also, there are a famous Non Nu?c stone carving village by the foot of the mountain and next to it is Non Nu?c beach which is still quite wild.

Marble mountain

Ba Na - Nui Chua

Ba Na - Nui Chua - a resort, which is located 40 km southwest of downtown and compared with Dà L?t in the Central, and as well as Da Lat, is built as a resting place for French officials in the French domination period in Vietnam. After the  French withdrawal from Indochina, this area was abandoned and damaged a lot by time and the war. Recently, Da Nang city has reconstructed this place and hopes that Ba Na - Nui Chua will become an advanced resort again in the future.

Son Tra peninsula

Son Tra peninsula, which is called Monkey mountain by Americans, is where Da Nang reaches out the East sea furthest. It is the natural conservation area with a lot of rare animals and plants. By the foot of Son Tra peninsula, there are  Su?i Dá resort and many beautiful beaches nearby such as B?t beach, R?ng beach, B?c beach, N?m beach.

My Khe Beach- the most beautiful beach in Da Nang

Hai Van Pass (dubbed "The first of all of lanscape")  

Hai Van pass is where  Truong Son range protrudes the sea. Hai Van pass , which is steep and rugged, is not only the boundary between the North and the South but also an eloquent proof area of the territorial expansion period of Vietnamese people. Nowadays, Hai Van tunnel runs through the mountain that helps the traffic between the North and the South become the most convenient than ever before. The significance of Hai Van tunnel which is the longest tunnel in Southeast Asian has made this pass become legendary. However, Hai Van Pass road is still preferred by tourists because of the attractive natural scenes.

Son Tra peninsula


Da Nang is famous for its wild gold sandy beaches which are kilometers long, blue and warm water  all year around. My Khe beach in Da Nang was voted as one of the six most attractive beaches in the world by Forbes (USA) magazine.           
  • Nam O beach
  • Xuan Thieu beach
  • Thanh Binh beach
  • My Khe beach
  • Bac My An beach
  • Non Nuoc beach

Thanh Dien Hai

Thanh Dien Hai is a place that leaves eloquent traces of the fights  against French colonial of Da Nang citizens under leadership of   Nguy?n Tri Phuong during the French domination period. This is an important port that contributes to defeating the attack of the French in  Da Nang during the years 1858 – 1860. A majestic monument of General Nguyen Tri Phuong was built here in order to remember an eloquent historic period of the city.

Cham Sculpture Museum (often called Cham Ancient Institute)

Cham Sculpture Museum is the place where the Cham vibrant culture is stored with the ancient statues and mascots of the powerful Cham Kingdom at that time. This is an unique museum of Cham culture in the world.

  Dinh Hai Chau

Located in Nº 42, Phan Chu Trinh road, Group 6, Hai Chau ward, Hai Chau district, Dinh Hai Chau is the oldest temple in Da Nang. This temple worships 42 ancestral tablet of 42 clans. These all 42 clans are from Hieu Hien commune, Hai Châu village , Ngoc Son town , Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa, went to the South with King Le Thanh Tong in Tan Mao (1471). In 1719, Lord Nguy?n Phuc Chu dropped by and stayed in Dinh Hai Chau on a trip to the South. Later, when the Lord passed away, people in that region set up an ancestral tablet for this Lord here.     Dinh Hai Chau was recognized as a historical remain by the Ministry of Culture and Information on July 12th , 2001.    

  Dinh Nai Nam

Now located in Nam Son street, Hoa Cuong ward, Hai Chau district Dinh Nai Nam was built in 1905. On January 4th, 1999, it was recognized as a historical remain in national level by the Ministry of Culture and Information.  

  Dình Tuy Loan

Now located in Tuy Loan commune, Hoa Phong village, Hoa Vang town.    Dình Tuy Loan was built in the end of the 18th century, particularly in the first Thành Thái year (1889). As Dinh Nai Nam and Dinh Bo Ban, Dình Tuy Loan worships the Tutelary of four area and others village ancestors. In the past, people held the annual Spring ceremony on 14th – 15th February in lunar calendar  and the annual Autumn ceremony on 14th  - 15th  August in lunar calendar. Currently,   Dình Tuy Loan is the only place that keeps the 15 ordinations from King Minh Mang to King Bao Dai.  
Da Nang city is an ideal destination, visitors can enjoy not only  wonderful moments in the mountain peaks, in the deep forests or in the river banks, seashores but also services with international quality when staying in tourist areas in the city.
Da Nang, with the orientation as a service and tourist center of the Central, of the country and further is of  the region and international. Numerous tourist attractions have been built which is harmony with the nature but no less modern; from ultra luxurious 4-5 star standard resorts such as Furama, Sandy Beach, Son Tra Resort & Spa... or eco-tourism such as Luong stream, Ba Na, Son Tra, Non Nu?c...

As of 2008, there are 45 tourism projects which is approved to invest in with the total investment of nearly 2 billions USD; including 33 domestic projects with the total  investment of over 15,000 billions VND and 23 foreign projects with the total investment of 736 millions USD, which attract many large corporations’  investment such as  VinaCapital, Indochina Capital… in golf courses, hotels, or advanced resorts.

When talking about Da Nang, we can’t help mentioning the poetic Han river and Han river bridge- the first swing bridge in Vietnam- the pride the citizens. Han river bridge is a symbol for the new vitality, the aspiration of developing which is built by the contribution of all citizens.

It seems all the beauty of the river Han poetry should only reveal one perfectly in space for Han River windy and cool and a half. Han River Bridge is not only creating more favourable conditions for transport, tourism and economic potential arouse a large land east of the city but also a cultural imprint of the Da Nang today sent Now children want life tomorrow.

It seems that all the poetic  beauty of Han river is only perfectly revealed in the space of windy Han river. Han river bridge not only creates more favorable conditions for transport, tourism, arouses the economic potential of a large region in the East of the city but also is a cultural imprint of Da Nang’s people today sending to all generations in the future.
Travel by what?
Ba Na in the fog

Da Nang city has an international airport serving domestic flights and some international routes such as  Thailand, Singapore, South Korea. Although it is only a small-scale airport, the Da Nang international airport is still the most important airport in both the Central and the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Da Nang is also convenient for sea transportation with 2 major  ports : Han river port and Tien Sa port.

There are 2 routes to Da Nang, one of them is the National Highway 1A- North- South major route and the other is Highway 14B linking  Da Nang with South Central provinces and the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Besides, with the use of the Hai Van Pass Tunnel through the mountains connecting the city and Thua Thien-Hue, traffic in National Highway 1A has became more convenient than ever. Circulation time is shortened, accidents which often occur on the Hai Van Pass is minimized.

Da Nang taxi and Honda system is convenient for travelling; the urban system in Da Nang is also improved modernly and conveniently with many major roads such as B?ch D?ng, Di?n Biên Ph?.

Hai Van pass

Da Nang also has a North - South railway running along the city with the total length of about 30 km. There are 5 stations in the city: Da Nang station, Thanh Khe station, Kim Lien station, Van Nam station and Hoa Châu station. Da Nang station is one of the most significant stations in the North – South railway. Nevertheless, the station is located in the city center so often causes traffic congestions, environmental pollution and social evils.

Shopping in Danang

Han river bridge

Apart from the major tourist attractions which has become an advantage, with the focus of 3 world cultural heritage: My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An and Hue citadel, Da Nang has become the destination and transhipment of the domestic and foreign tourists.  

Being  North- South communications axis between ports, airports, roads and railways, Da Nang always has a large amount of passengers, therefore, hotel and travel business has flourished here. With advanced service and world- class service style, the Da Nang luxurious hotels has become familiar to businessman and tourists  with the price of 150USD or more for one night.

For others tourists, the medium - class hotel facilities include a full range of services which is favorable among tourists  with for about $ 15USD or more for one night.

Full facilities hotels, motels and Da Nang warm and hospitality people has created a beautiful image of a modern city, a tourist destination that can’t be missed in the journey of travelers; the price of food in Da Nang is also not too expensive, especially there are many seafood restaurants which is cheap and delicious.

Two Da Nang largest markets in the city center is Han Market and C?n market and big supermarkets which is opened recently such as  Da Nang supermarket, Metro supermarket, BigC supermarket, Intimex supermarket, Rosa Bai Tho supermarket, Nhat Linh supermarket, Dai Duong supermarket ... These are the major commercial centers of Da Nang.
Da nang has many specialties such as Quang noodle, pork roll, cake pancake, grill beef, fish ball noodles, sauce noodle, sesame bread dry, Nam O fish sauce .. which can be purchased for as gifts.
Travel tips Danang

Non nuoc stone carving product is sold widely in  Non nuoc stone carving village (by the foot of Marble Mountain Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city) and almost in all hotels in the city center.  

Pottery is also sold along Le Duan road from Nº 123 to Nº 129 or Núi Thành - Trung N? Vuong crossroads.

Da Nang’s  people not only preserve traditional festivals but also create a new festival based on the traditional sailing festival. The festival is held on the Independence Day 2/9 every year in Han river with many teams of local areas in both Da Nang and others cities.   

Other tips: