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Barbados consulate in Guatemala City, Guatemala


How to apply Barbados visa in Guatemala City, Guatemala:
Most of people are obliged to obtain a Visa before visiting Barbados. They can apply directly from consulate of Barbados in Guatemala City or apply online to get Visa.

Barbados consulate in Guatemala City, Guatemala Contact
Represented: Barbados
Country Located in:Guatemala
City:Guatemala City
Address:Barbadian Consulate 5a. calle 5-42, zona 9 Guatemala City Guatemala
Phone:(+502) 2331 0803
Fax:(+502) 2361 5157
Email:[email protected]
Office hours:09:00 - 15:00

Check all requirements of barbados visa:
  Destination Country:  
Barbadian tourist visa requirements for Guatemala (Guatemalan): required

Barbadian business visa requirements for Guatemala (Guatemalan): required

Requirement for Barbados visa application:
- Visa application form (completed in duplicate)
- Copies of the personal pages of passport
- Two (2) passport-size photograph
- Evidence of residence if the applicant is staying in a country other than his place of birth
- All persons traveling on the Ordinary passports, even if it is an official/government business should expect to pay the visa fee of US$50 for Single entry and US$60 for Multiple entry application, unless otherwise notified by the Ministry. Holders of diplomatic or Official passports are granted visas gratis.

Cost of Barbados visa:
Cost is Various and The fees vary depending on the type of visa you require.
Student visa is US$100.00
Single entry visitor visa is US$50.00
And a multiple entry visa is US$60.00.

How to visit guatemala city, Guatemala from barbados ?

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How long to make Barbados visa :
The processing period for visas varies.
The average processing time for a work permit is six to eight weeks
For a student visa: four to six weeks
And for a visitor visa: two weeks

Require time valid of Barbados visa:
A Single Entry Tourist visa is valid for up to 90 days.

How to fly directly from barbados to guatemala city, Guatemala?

There is not any direct flight from guatemala city to barbados

Map of consulate of barbados in guatemala city, Guatemala (where is barbados consulate in guatemala city, Guatemala located?)

Maybe This is no exact imformation for consulate of barbados in guatemala city, If you know about information, Please contact us for this update. Thank for your help.

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