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France consulate in Chengdu, China


How to apply France visa in Chengdu, China:
Most of people are obliged to obtain a Visa before visiting France. They can apply directly from consulate of France in Chengdu or apply online to get Visa.

France consulate in Chengdu, China Contact
Represented: France
Country Located in:China
Address:Times Plaza, 30th floor 2, Zongfu Road Chengdu China
Phone:(+86) (28) 66 66 60 60
Fax:(+86) (28) 66 66 61 03
Email:[email protected]
Office hours:

Check all requirements of france visa:
  Destination Country:  
French tourist visa requirements for China (Chinese): required

French business visa requirements for China (Chinese): required

Requirement for France visa application:
– A passport which is valid for at least 3 months after the date of the requested visa;
– [A visa application form] duly completed and signed;
– A maximum of 3 photographs meeting requirements;
– Application fees. Visa application forms for a child under 18 years of age must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Cost of France visa:
Airport transit visas and short-stay visas (under 90 days) valid for France and, unless otherwise indicated on the visa, for the Schengen area: €60
Airport transit visas and short-stay visas (under 90 days) valid for Overseas Departments and Regions (DOM-ROM): Guadeloupe, (including Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin); Martinique; French Guiana; Réunion: €60
Airport tranist visas or short-stay visas (under 90 days) for New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Mayotte and French Southern and Anatartic Territories: €9
Long-stay visas (over 90 days) valid for France (without a territorial distinction):  €99
National long-stay visa (over 90 days) issued to foreign nationals adopted by French citizens in the legal and definitive form required in their countries of origin, valid for Metropolitan France, Overseas Departments and Overseas Communities: €15
How to visit chengdu, China from france ?

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How long to make France visa :
After a visa application is submitted, the consular authority processes it and decides on whether to issue a visa.

Require time valid of France visa:
Short stay visas: Up to 90 days
Temporary long-stay visas: Up to 6 months
Long stay visas: The residency permit obtained actually determines the length of the stay

How to fly directly from france to chengdu, China?

There is not any direct flight from chengdu to france

Map of consulate of france in chengdu, China (where is france consulate in chengdu, China located?)

Maybe This is no exact imformation for consulate of france in chengdu, If you know about information, Please contact us for this update. Thank for your help.

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