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Peru consulate in Ankara, Turkey


How to apply Peru visa in Ankara, Turkey:
Most of people are obliged to obtain a Visa before visiting Peru. They can apply directly from consulate of Peru in Ankara or apply online to get Visa.

Peru consulate in Ankara, Turkey Contact
Represented: Peru
Country Located in:Turkey
Address:Peruvian Consulate Alper Sokak , Y. Ayranci 06550 - Ankara Turkey
Phone:(+90) (312) 441 9310
Fax:(+90) (312) 467 0206
Office hours:

Check all requirements of peru visa:
  Destination Country:  
Peruvian tourist visa requirements for Turkey (Turkish): required

Peruvian business visa requirements for Turkey (Turkish): required

Requirement for Peru visa application:
Those requiring a tourist visa must provide:
Valid passport
Evidence of departure arrangements from Peru
2 colour passport-size photos
Proof of financial solvency
2 completed application forms

Additional documentation may be required for student visa applications.

Cost of Peru visa:
Cost for a tourist / business visa, if required: USD30.

Inquire with the relevant embassy for student visa costs.

How to visit ankara, Turkey from peru ?

Coming soon

How long to make Peru visa :
At least 24 hrs.

Require time valid of Peru visa:
Up to 90 days.

How to fly directly from peru to ankara, Turkey?

There is not any direct flight from ankara to peru

Map of consulate of peru in ankara, Turkey (where is peru consulate in ankara, Turkey located?)

Maybe This is no exact imformation for consulate of peru in ankara, If you know about information, Please contact us for this update. Thank for your help.

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