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Uruguay embassy in Berne, Switzerland


How to apply Uruguay visa in Berne, Switzerland:
Most of people are obliged to obtain a Visa before visiting Uruguay. They can apply directly from embassy of Uruguay in Berne or apply online to get Visa.

Uruguay embassy in Berne, Switzerland Contact
Represented: Uruguay
Country Located in:Switzerland
Address:Uruguayan Embassy Kramgasse 63 3011 Berne Switzerland
Phone:(+41) 31 312 22 26 ; (+41) 31 311 27 92
Fax:(+41) 31 311 27 47
Email:[email protected]
Office hours:09:00 - 17:30

Check all requirements of uruguay visa:
  Destination Country:  
Uruguayan tourist visa requirements for Switzerland (Swiss):

Uruguay tourist visa is not required for citizens of Switzerland for a stay up to 90 days.

Uruguayan business visa requirements for Switzerland (Swiss):

Uruguay business visa is not required for citizens of Switzerland for a stay up to 90 days.

Requirement for Uruguay visa application:
a) Valid passport.
(b) One passport-size photo.
(c) Completed application form.
(d) References in Uruguay (name, address and phone number) or hotel booking confirmation.
(e) Return ticket and travel documentation (including the flight number and the dates of arrival and departure).
(f) Postal applications should be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
(g) For business visits, a letter from the company in the country of origin.

Cost of Uruguay visa:
Category – Visit
Single and multiple, valid up to 6 months £70
Longer term visit up to 2 years £230
Longer term visit up to 5 years £420
Longer term visit up to 10 years £610
Family up to 6 months £70
Business up to 6 months £70
Marriage/civil partnership £70
Medical treatment £70
Student visitor, up to 6 months £70
Child visitor up to 6 months £70
Agreed Destination Scheme (ADS), up to 30 days only £65
Joining ship/aircraft £47
Transit £47
Direct Airside Transit (DAT) £47
Visit Overseas Territory £44.

Category: Study
Student up to 3 years £220
Chevening Scholarship Free
British Marshall Scholarship Free
Fulbright Scholarship Free
Chevening Fellowship Free
Exchange student £99
Resitting exams £99
Sabbatical Officer £99
Student dependant £99
Parent of a child at school £205.

Category: Employment
Clinical attachment and dental observation £205
PLAB Test £205
Postgraduate doctor £205
Postgraduate dentist £205
Work Permit Holder £205
Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) £205
Training and work experience (TWES) £205
Overseas qualified nurse/midwife £205
Work permit dependant £205.

How to visit berne, Switzerland from uruguay ?

Coming soon

How long to make Uruguay visa :
14 working days.

Require time valid of Uruguay visa:
three months

How to fly directly from uruguay to berne, Switzerland?

There is not any direct flight from berne to uruguay

Map of embassy of uruguay in berne, Switzerland (where is uruguay embassy in berne, Switzerland located?)

Maybe This is no exact imformation for embassy of uruguay in berne, If you know about information, Please contact us for this update. Thank for your help.

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